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Fun with Mood Cow

"Cogito ergo sum" ("I think, therefore I am") is a philosophical proposition originally proposed by RenĂ© Descartes in the mid-17th century. Baruch Spinoza disagreed and thought instead, "I feel, therefore I am." Descartes' view became the foundation of Western philosophy, while Spinoza's view was ignored—until today.

Mood Cow picks up on the idea that the sensory or the feeling aspect of mental care is equally important as the cognitive or the thinking aspect. So, here we created some fun stuff to promote positive emotional wellness for young children.

Mood Cow Wheel

Mood Cow Wheel

Sometimes too many words can dilute an important message but a picture can tell a thousand words.

Mood Cow Wheel is a visual reminder that simple actions can help you feel, think, and behave better. The image depicts six simple actions: enjoy sunlight, maintain good hydration/nutrition, engage in fun exercise, take deep breaths, get good rest and sleep, and act in goodwill and engage in positive social connections. The benefits of these actions are scientifically proven as explained in

Mood Cow Comics

To make the message behind the Mood Cow Wheel easier to understand, we created original comics.

Cartoon - sunlight is one of six natural ingredients of mental care Cartoon - hydration is one of six natural ingredients of mental care Cartoon - exercise is one of six natural ingredients of mental care Cartoon - breathing is one of six natural ingredients of mental care Cartoon - sleep is one of six natural ingredients of mental care Cartoon - connection is one of six natural ingredients of mental care

Mood Cow Family

Everyone feels and reacts differently to stressors, and sometimes it's hard to describe the mood

We created fun iconic characters: Mood Cow, Mood Bunny, Mood Pig, and Mood Candy (various colors in yellow, green, pink, blue) that visualize six general mood types that children can recognize. We created some sticky notes, T-shirts, and stickers to promote the idea—"You're not alone. Everyone has good days and bad days."

Happy Cow Happy Bunny Happy Pig Happy Candy Yellow
Tired Cow tired Bunny tired Pig tired Candy Yellow
Anxious Cow anxious Bunny anxious Pig anxious Candy Yellow
Sad Cow sad Bunny sad Pig sad Candy Yellow
Angry Cow angry Bunny angry Pig angry Candy Yellow
depressed Cow depressed Bunny depressed Pig depressed Candy Yellow

Mood Cow Plush

Mood Cow Plush Mood Cow Plush

We live in a lonely world where everyone is preoccupied with mobile phones. As we get accustomed to this virtual world, we tend to lose physical connections and a sense of empathy.

The Mood Cow Plush is a symbolic, tangible product that you can touch and feel. The good old plush with soft fuzzy touch instantly builds an emotional connection, and reminds us that everyone has good days and bad days.

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30-second deep breathing

with Android devices

iPhones do not support this capability

Your phone will vibrate in heartbeat patterns for 30 seconds. Use it as a timing guide for deep breathing as follows:

Slowly exhale for 3 heartbeats. On the 4th beat, begin inhaling for 3 heartbeats. On the 4th beat, begin exhaling. Repeat until the beat stops (in about 30 seconds).

For an additional soothing effect, place your vibrating phone over your chest while deep-breathing.

Mood Cow Pulse

Mood Cow Pulse

The Mood Cow Pulse is a small electronic device. It gives a slow, subtle, heartbeat-like pulse to help you calm, relax, and breathe deep. The pulse gradually slows down and turns itself off after twenty minutes. You can hold it in your hand to feel the pulse, or put it inside the Mood Cow Plush to hear the pulse. Either way, take a deep breath in sync with the pulse, like inhale for 4 beats, exhale for 4 beats. It'll calm you down, and may even help you fall asleep.

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