Simple daily actions for better mental care

You know that simple routines can promote good health, like daily skin and dental care. How about mental care? There is plenty of scientific evidence that simple actions can help you feel, think, and behave better. Take a look at the picture below, the Mood Cow Wheel. It shows six simple actions that can improve your mental and emotional well-being.

Mood Cow Wheel: six simple actions for your daily mental care


We humans are social creatures. Helping and giving warm, kind words to others can improve your own well-being.


Good restorative sleep is critical for your body and brain. A balanced diet, hydration, sunlight and exercise can help you fall asleep and stay asleep longer.


Deep, slow breathing is a quick and easy stress reliever, and it can help you cope with negative thoughts better.

Mood Cow Wheel: six simple actions for your daily mental care


Sunlight is a free and available mood enhancer as well as a natural and effective antidepressant.

Hydration / Nutrition

Stress can cause dehydration, and dehydration can cause stress. Drinking plenty of water can minimize the negative effects of stress on your body and brain.


Even mild forms of exercise can help you relieve stress to fight troubling thoughts.

The principles of mental care

Medications and supplements for mental care

Medications and Supplements

Medications and supplements are a biochemical facet of mental care.


Therapies and Counseling

Psychotherapy is assisted self-help with a social facet of mental care.

Wellness services

Wellness Services

Wellness services are an organized self-help support resource.

Self help for principled mental care


It all begins with you. Self help is the core of mental care.

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Mental care for young children

Fun with Mood Cow
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Reduce risk factors, Enhance protective factors

Mood Cow Dashboard
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30-second deep breathing

with Android devices

iPhones do not support this capability

Your phone will vibrate in heartbeat patterns for 30 seconds. Use it as a timing guide for deep breathing as follows:

Slowly exhale for 3 heartbeats. On the 4th beat, begin inhaling for 3 heartbeats. On the 4th beat, begin exhaling. Repeat until the beat stops (in about 30 seconds).

For an additional soothing effect, place your vibrating phone over your chest while deep-breathing.

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